Student exchange

Educational advising and resource center.

High school student exchange program:

Educational Advising & Resource Center collaborates with the US International Cultural Exchange NPO to organize student exchange programs for 14-18 year olds to study at American schools and live with American families for a semester. The vision of the program relies on supporting interpersonal and international communication, contributing to the worldwide cultural exchange, and increasing the accessibility of quality education.


  • Must be a 8-11th grade student
  • Minimum GPA of B
  • Good spoken and written English (ability to get the minimum score of 670 on ELTiS)
  • Self-reliant and flexible
  • Over 14 years old
  • Parents must be able to pay the program fees 

About ELTiS test:

ELTiS, or English Language test for International students is a 70 minute long test for foreign students who want to study in the US. The test examines students’ ability to listen and understand subjects in English. If you want to know more about the test, or to take example tests, please click here.

Program fee:

Since the program is co-organized with US public schools, there will be no tuition fee for the students. 

A year lasting exchange program fees include:

  • Food and accommodation fees for staying at a local family
  • Postage for DS-2019 invitation
  • 4 days orientation program
  • Central Office Student Counseling service
  • Weekend trips with a local family
  • Document translation fees
  • Health insurance

Program duration:

  • Application submitting deadline (March 15)
  • Program starting (August)
  • Program ending (May)

How to apply?

  • Birth certificate or National identification card
  • 3×4 size photo (1%)
  • Student ID card
  • Passport
  • Receipt for the ELTiS test fee