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The Educational Advising and Resource Center (EARC) is a non-governmental organization that first launched its operations in 1996 under the auspices of the Mongolian Foundation for Open Society, the Soros Foundation Network in Mongolia, with the aim of supporting the development of an open society in Mongolia. The EARC has been functioning as an independent NGO since 2003.


The EARC promotes educational opportunities at home and abroad, disseminates education and scholarship information across Mongolia, and provides guidance and assistance to students wishing to study abroad.


From 1998 until October 2016, the EARC was a member of EducationUSA’s International Advising Network, which is a global network of more than 450 advising center supported by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs at the US Department of State, and which has worked with many potential students in the undergraduate and graduate levels.


The main activities of the EARC include advising and assisting students on the school/program search for, and admission processes to, US colleges and universities; managing the Soros-funded scholarship program for university faculty and the American University in Bulgaria program for high school students; and providing courses on General English and Test Preparation.


In addition to our Ulaanbaatar headquarters, the EARC serves youth in Darkhan, Dornod, Erdenet, Khovd, and Umnugovi provinces.

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