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EARC organizes Institutional TOEFL test (ITP TOEFL ) every month. By taking this test you can have a valid proof of your English language level. However, this test score is not accepted to the US Educational Institutions.


This test is usually taken for the following reasons:

  • To apply for a job position
  • To increase salary
  • To know one's English language level
  • To apply for a scholarship program that accepts this test score
  • To apply for certain number of schools that accept this test score




      Test date            Registration deadline
  Aug 18, 2017   Aug 11, 2017
  Sep 22, 2017   Sep 15, 2017
  Oct 20, 2017   Oct 16, 2017
  Nov 24, 2017   Nov 17, 2017
  Dec 15, 2017   Dec 8, 2017     



Test duration: 09.45-12.30

In order to register for the test, you are required to bring the following documents with you to EARC:


1. National identification card or International Passport for foreign residents

2. One photo of 3х4 size 

3. Payment bill that indicates the payment is made to the account # 41-0025-224 of Trade and Development Bank.



Test fee:

-For high school and undergraduate students -$30

-Others -$40


Test result will be available within 7 days from the test date.


Please note that we take orders from organizations 14 days before the test date.


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