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EARC organizes Institutional TOEFL test (ITP TOEFL ) every month. By taking this test you can have a valid proof of your English language level. However, this test score is not accepted to the US Educational Institutions.


This test is usually taken for the following reasons:

  • To apply for a job position
  • To increase salary
  • To know one's English language level
  • To apply for a scholarship program that accepts this test score
  • To apply for certain number of schools that accept this test score




      Test date            Registration deadline
  Jan 19, 2018   Jan 12
  Feb 9   Feb 2
  March 16    March 9
  Apr 20   Apr 13
  May 18   May 11  
  June 15     June 8



Test duration: 09.45-12.30

In order to register for the test, you are required to bring the following documents with you to EARC:


1. National identification card or International Passport for foreign residents

2. One photo of 3х4 size 

3. Payment bill that indicates the payment is made to the account # 41-0025-224 of Trade and Development Bank.



Test fee:

-For high school and undergraduate students -$30

-Others -$40


Test result will be available within 7 days from the test date.


Please note that we take orders from organizations 14 days before the test date.


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