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The American Cultural and Information Center in Khovd

The American Cultural and Information Center in Khovd is a small American-style library. It was first founded in 2001 as Educational Advising and Resource Center in Khovd by Open Society Foundation for the purpose of contributing in the development of Mongolian civil society. In 2007, the center expanded as American Cultural and Information Center helping students, researchers, teachers and the general public learn more about the U.S. in addition to encouraging mutual understanding between the United States and Mongolia. The Center offers different resources and information on US higher education, US colleges and universities, and other American topics, and provides free Internet access, an English language library and reference services. 

Collections and Resources

  • Print collections of reference titles, works of fiction, business, social science, politics, education and culture
  • Magazines, journals and U.S. government reports and publications
  • Free internet access to resources at U.S. and international websites, non-U.S. government organizations, think tanks and academic institutions
  • Access to multimedia: audio and video products such as CDs and DVDs for music and film collections, and CD-ROMs for reference information resources
  • Access to computers, printers, and a copier, as well as facilities to send and receive documents electronically via e-mail and fax

Other Services

Movie Night

The movie night has been a success thus far with as many at 20 students in attendance every other Friday afternoon. We show American movies and documentaries on widescreen for our members. They can choose which movie to watch and discuss the movie with other members. There is always American popcorn and the movies are screen on a large scale to create a cultural experience for the watchers.

English speaking Club

The weekly Speaking Club offers our visitors the opportunity to practice their English in groups with native speakers, students and English language teachers. Participating in the Speaking Club is a unique and effective way to develop necessary skills for speaking, while being engaged in interesting discussions on a wide variety of subjects.

Access Microscholarship Program

  Access Microscholarship Program- Access class is a satellite program from the Educational Advising Resource Center in Ulaanbaatar. The aim of this program is to bring students from low-income families who show great academic promise up to par with their peers who can attain a quality education. Each cohort of students learns English and American culture for two years under the scholarship. All classes are taught in English which becomes the lens to explore culture, art, literature and other such subjects. Each class has around 10 students and totally, 60 students participated in Access program in Khovd since 2006.


Anybody can visit and use the Center. The first time is free and possible without library  membership ID.  If you want to come regularly or check out books, then you need a membership ID from the American Cultural and information center Khovd  Public Library.

The documents you need to bring to register in the American Cultural and Information center:

1. National Identification
2. Student / Work ID
3. Address certification
4. Registration fee 600 MNT

English teachers from the countryside, foreign citizens, and volunteers have the right to use this center during certain times. You should bring your National Identification when you come to the Center. Our principle is to make information free to the public.



08:00 am –17:00 pm


09:00 am –19:00 pm



Contact Information:

American Cultural & Information Center
Khovd Public Library
Phone/Fax: 976-11-0143225138

Facebook page: AmericanCorner. Khovd


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