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Trainee and Internship Internship program:

CETUSA student internship program

EARC implements the Trainee and internship program supported by the CETUSA which offers university students, recent graduates and young specialists of 35 or younger ages an opportunity to work as an intern at American companies and to gain work experience in their field of studies. 

“J1 trainee” and “Internship” program helps students and new specialists to improve their professional skills and to become familiar with American workplaces as well as deepening their knowledge about American culture and lifestyle.

CET Management Group member CETUSA council (Council for Educational Travel USA) has been helping thousands of students, families and young specialists to grow professionally in their careers since 1995.

CETUSA program also contributes to the development of interpersonal and international communication between the USA and other countries.


J1 Trainee program

  1. Recent graduate, or an employee with a minimum of one year work experience
  2. Specialist with five year experience

J1 Internship program

  1. University student or a recent graduate (must submit within 12 months since the graduation)
  2. English language level of intermediate or higher (Official Test scores would be an advantage) (TOEFL Paper 550, TOEIC 750, IBT 80)
  3. Maximum age limit – 35 years old
  4. Participants must be a student, or a specialist with 5 year work experience, majoring in the field that is accepted by the CETUSA program.

Accepted professional fields:

  1. Art and culture
  • Film and Video Production; Accessory Design; Playwright and Screenwriter; Advertising and Arts marketing; Arts administration; Fashion and Visual; Dramatic arts and Theatrical arts; Graphic design; Fashion; Interior design; Architectural Design; Music management and Merchandise; Sculpture;
  • Theatre and Theatrical arts management; Fine arts
  1. Media and Communication
  • Publishing; Advertising; Public relations; Communication; Digital communication and Media (multimedia programs); Advertising and PR; TV Journalist; Radio Journalist;
  1. Education, Social sciences and Library studies
  • Teacher; School administration; Anthropology; Archeology; Economics; Political studies; Psychology; Economic development; Librarian
  1. Management; Business, Trade and Finance
  • Business administration; Banking and Financial services; Accountant; Management; Marketing; Costumer service management; Electronic trading; Finance and financial administration; Human resource administration; International business/trade; Information system; Operation; Trading; Distributing; Marketing; Transportation management;
  1. Science, Engineering, Architecture, Mathematics and Factory workers
  • Marine zoology and biology; Biological Development and the Embryo;
  • Environmental biology; Toxicology; Microbiology; Oncology; Civil/Computer/Environmental engineering; Zoologist/Animal Biology; Land and urban architecture; Applied mathematics; Mathematical analysis; Production engineer; Computer engineering technology; Physical Science; Chemistry;
  • Technology; Electrical engineering technology;
  1. Public Administration and Law
  • Business and Labor laws; Government policy; Human rights; Government relations; Civil rights; Criminal law; International law; Environmental law;

Application Process:

  1. Participants who met below requirements should write their CVs according to the special format and send us through the email address:
  2. Online Application form
  • Education/Diploma
  • Work experience
  • Financial guarantee
  1. Program fees
  2. Skype interview
  3. DS 7005 Form Evaluation and Certification
  4. Interview with CETUSA and the Employer


  1. To make sure whether the participant’s current field of study or the work experience is accepted by the CETUSA program.
  2. Applicant’s ultimate goal
  3. Ability to work with group
  4. Ability to show respect towards the company’s policies and coworkers
  5. Effort to learn new skills
  6. To be able to advertise Mongolian culture and tradition to his/her coworkers and to American citizens