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Summer Camp Training

Summer cultural exchange program in USA

If you want to live with American local family and to improve your English language during your summer vacation, come join our program.

Program duration: 1-8 weeks

Program features: The program offers students a great deal to improve their English speaking and other skills by living with American local families and participating in their daily life. Please note that English language courses or similar training is not included in the program.

Program fee covers:

  • Food and accommodation fee for the host family
  • Health insurance
  • Host organization’s assistance fee (available during the whole program duration)


Participants must be a self-reliant 14 year old, or older, who can express his/her opinion effortlessly in English.

Application submission opens on February 10th every year.

Summer camp at American University of Bulgaria:

We welcome you to our 2 weeks summer camp in Bulgaria where students can improve their English language by making lots of international friends and creating great memories with each other. In addition, we organize different courses in which students can learn about essay writing, business, communication, journalism, and computer.

Program date: TBD

Program features:

American University of Bulgaria organizes its summer camp in hopes for helping students of 14-18 years old to improve their English language skills, to make international friends, and to have a wonderful summer vacation. The following courses are organized at our camp every year.

  • Business
  • Journalism
  • Computer
  • Communication skills
  • Acting
  • Leadership
  • Career guidance
  • Writing

All students are to choose 2 courses and let the program office know before the start of the program. Each course lasts one week, or 5 days a week and 3 hours a day. All courses are held in English at the safe, modern, non-academic curriculum of American University of Bulgaria. As a result, students will be able to improve their English level at a university campus by implementing projects, making discussions, and organizing debates as well as acquiring basic knowledge of their chosen courses. 

Extra curriculum activities such as sports, movie nights, games and competitions are crucial for us to make the camp the best place for students to spend their summer vacation. One of the most fun extra curriculum activities of our camp includes the visit to the Bulgarian historical places on weekends. 

Program fee covers: 

The total fee of the summer camp is €680

  • Morning classes
  • Sports and other extra curriculum activities
  • Training materials 
  • Access to the computer lab at the American University of Bulgaria
  • Accommodation and food (3 meals a day)
  • Weekend trips
  • Entrance fees to the cultural and sport complexes

Program fee does not include:

  • Transportation fare
  • Visa
  • Personal expenses
  • Health insurance


Participants must be a 14-18 year old with an English level of intermediate or upper along with a genuine desire to make European and Asian friends.

Application date:

Application submission closes on TBD

Link to an introduction video:

Come join us and make your summer vacation full of great memories.

English Institute at LCC International University of Lithuania:

Students from many countries including Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Russia, Georgia, Ukraine, Germany, Netherlands, and Poland attend our summer English Institute. 

Program date:

July 6-24, every year

Program features:

  • English Institute at LCC International University of Lithuania has more than 28 years of experience
  • Professional English teachers from America and Canada
  • 12 levels of English ranging from elementary to advanced
  • Each course has a lesson of 6 hours a day, or 90 hours lesson in three weeks. In addition, a variety of extracurricular activities such as public discussions, movie nights, city tours, and other musical, cultural and sport activities are available for students. 

Program fee – €500

Special offer for students who apply before April 1 – €450

Accommodation fee – €150

Summer Academic and Cultural Program in Japan:

Ritsumeikan University of Asia Pacific is pleased to announce its summer program for 10-12th grade students.

Program date: 

  • Option 1 (July 5-12) (8 days)
  • Option 2 (August 2-9) (8 days)

Program features: 

Participant students will be able to familiarize themselves with International University lifestyle as well as making new friends from all over the world. In addition, they would be able to learn Japanese language and culture.

General Education and Culture Study program:

This is an eight-day international high school students’ summer program, in which participants attend seminars and group works in order to improve their understanding and knowledge on international culture. Along with many different activities, students will also be able to study Japanese language and culture.

A trip to Japan for high school students:

We offer teachers who want to improve their students’ knowledge and to encourage them to study more a great deal to travel to Japan with their classes. Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University cooperates with a Japanese large travel company to make it possible for the international teachers and students to know more about Japanese culture, history and nature. 

Program fee includes: (100,000¥)

  • Travel expenses
  • Accommodation
  • Meals (3 meals a day)
  • Travel insurance

Please note that the transportation fare is not covered by the program fee.


  • Must be a high school student (10,11,12th grade)
  • English level of intermediate or upper (participants must have an official test score)